Welcome to the SJVARA home page. We are a small amateur radio club located in northern Maine along the Saint John River, hence the name. Here in northern Maine winter antenna work is considered an extreme sport. The SJVARA has been providing communications for local events, communities and organizations since 1991.

Our most challenging event is the Can-Am Crown sled dog race, which takes place each year in early March, and lasts three days. The race requires numerous ham and other community volunteers and the SJVARA's two VHF repeaters.

More information about the our radio club and the Can-Am race can be found on the links below. Current and past issues of Feed-Point, our newsletter, can also be found on this web site.

When in northern Maine please give us a call on one of our three Club repeaters, N1SJV at; 146.64 MHz, 146.790 MHz or 146.715 MHz. Click here for more details.

Visit us on our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/sjvara

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