St. John Valley Amateur Radio Association


N7GLR – Ames, Charles
KB1EBE – Berry, Dave
WA1URS – Bosley, Dennis
N1FCV – Bourgoin, Gilman
W1AYX – Caron, Jack
KB1ZCT – Daigle, Lee
KB1OWW – Despres, Joseph
KC1CMN – Devoe, Brian
KB1ZPP – Devoe, Travis (President)
KC1CQC – King, Randy
KB1HBD – Lagueux, Stephen
KA7VNR – McKinney, Ruth
KW1A – Ouellette, Derrick
N1EVO – Pelletier, Carl
W1TCP – Pelletier, Peter
KB1TBI – Pelletier, Kevin J.
KD1SQ – Reynolds, Lee
N1NXU – Sandelier, Steve
WK1W – Shapiro, Ivan
AA1CN – Theriault, John
KB1WGN – Woods, Roy
N1FRX – Zafonte, Charles
KR0ZAL – Alan Mulherin

ARRL Accredited Local Volunteer Examiners

N7GLR – Ames, Charles  – VE Extra
N1ZMZ – Barbera, Anthony  – VE General
KW1C – Bernstein, Marty  – VE Extra
N1FCV – Bourgoin, Gilman  – VE Extra
K1FTK – Elrich, Don  – VE Extra
KW1A – Ouellette, Derrick  – VE Extra
AA1CN – Theriault, John  – VE Extra

Dues of $20.00 shall be payable in advance in April of each year and prorated to the following year at $1.70 per month.

If your name does not appear in the above list, you are not currently paid. Contact KW1A for more information.